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Bob Borai | Signature Lights
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Bob Borai

"Unmatched Lighting Experience"

Bob Borai, M.B.A., Professional Lighting Designer

Owner/operator of Signature Landscape Lighting and acquiring extensive lighting design skills from some of the largest lighting corporations in the industry. Over 22 years of Commercial and Residential Lighting Experience.


  • GTE Sylvania Lighting Company ( 6 years)
  • OSRAM Sylvania Lighting Company ( 3 years)
  • General Electric Lighting Company ( 3 years)
  • M.B.A., Pepperdine University
  • B.S., Business Management, Pennsylvania State University
  • N.A.L.L.A Certified
  • N.A.L.L.A current President

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As a proven industry leader with corporate expertise and knowledge of the technical qualities of light sources for residential and commercial lighting applications. Every Signature Lighting System is custom designed using my Precise Placement Method to ultimately achieve the elegant, finished “Signature Look!”